Why choose a subscription for my caviar?

A common question that we get from many of our customers is, “Why should I choose to subscribe for your caviar? Wouldn’t it be better to just buy one pot and restock?”

People usually think that the biggest benefit of having a subscription for caviar is saving some money. You’d buy less, pay less. And you’d be right, it is definitely true. But there are other reasons, that are not less important than this is:

  • Subscriptions ensure that the product never runs out, and your food arrives in time for you to enjoy it at its best.

  • The delivery of caviar through the online store is a convenient, fast and reliable way to get what you want. Click and the goods are delivered at home in a matter of days. The perfect gift for the holidays, birthdays or simply to give yourself a little treat.

  • Caviar is so good that there’s no reason to just have it for special occasions, but only a subscription will ensure you have enough for everyday entertaining.

  • When you buy a pot you need to eat it in 2-3 days from opening to ensure the best taste and freshness. With a subscription you know you’ll always have enough caviar available for you and your guests.

  • Regular shipping allows us to send you the freshest product! We time each delivery with our freshest stock and you can be sure you’ll get the quickest turnaround from production to your kitchen!

So what are you waiting for? Check our plans here

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