To Valentine or not to Valentine?

Few foods have the ability to create love like champagne and caviar. It is this inspiring love that we at Caviar to You have set out to spread, through an innovative and modern caviar delivery service.

This Valentine's Day, the team at Caviar to You invites you to make memories, celebrate special occasions, or just put a smile on your favorite person's face by sending them a little love in the form of our Valentine’s trio. Because Valentine’s day is all about spoiling each other but also about exploring new emotions and we all know we need some novelty this year!

So why not try not one, but 3 different types of Caviar, all delivered to your door super fresh!

You can enjoy them with blinis, potato cakes, or even on their own to truly appreciate the differences in each type.

If you’re cooking for your sweet valentine you can also try and add this exclusive flavour to your recipe, it goes well with fish, salmon, and lobster in particular, but it’s also amazing with eggs for that super scrumptious breakfast!

All our caviar is sourced directly from Latvia, farmed ethically and sustainably in a controlled environment, and delivered to you super fresh in a temperature-controlled box.

So what are you waiting for? treat someone you love to the world's most luxurious gift!

And if you prefer to set up a plan, Here is our product page.

Happy Valentine's!

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