How old is Caviar?

What's the story behind caviar? It's been around for a very long time, and has been enjoyed by kings, queens, presidents and poets.

But caviar has also become an indispensable feature on some of the most famous and glamorous tables in the world.

This roe from fishes such as sturgeon and salmon, has been eaten for centuries. In fact, the ancient Persians are believed to be amongst the first people to eat caviar.

They would traditionally use a special tool called a “paddle” to bruise the fish eggs, and release their salty liquid. This was so that they could enjoy caviar without having to wait too long.

The first mention of caviar in historical documents dates back to the third century BC, when the Greek physician Hippocrates wrote about Persian soldiers eating “fish eggs.”

Throughout history, caviar has been a delicacy served to royalty and admired by culinary experts.

Ancient Greeks, Romans and Russian tsars were all known to splurge on caviar well before raw oysters, before Champagne, and before even truffles were deemed a delicacy.

Today, caviar has made its way into the mainstream and now your weekend brunch. Good caviar is highly regarded for its delicate flavour and texture, but still not something everyone can afford or find.

But what is caviar?

Caviar is the name given to sturgeon roe, which has been a delicacy since the Roman Empire. The word caviar comes from the French word “cavée” or “caveir”, which means “outer skin of a cavity”. For hundreds of years, caviar was a staple throughout Europe and Russia. But following World War II, in large part due to concerns over supply and quality, caviar began to resurface on America’s table. And just like our own history, caviar has a story that spans over centuries with a rich array of characters that have been instrumental in its return to prominence.

Where can you get good caviar?

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